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The Tamalpais Health Services

The Tamalpais residents and patients have access to our Health Services when they become part of our Life Care Community. Our Health Services include Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Short-term Rehab. Community residents can also apply for Skilled Nursing and Short-term Rehab.

Skilled Nursing

Our Five Star Skilled Nursing is available for residents who need medical care following an illness, injury, surgery or hospitalization. Skilled Nursing means you have professional medical care, support and assistance 24-hours a day. This service is also available to community residents who meet Clinic Admission Criteria.

Assisted Living

We provide a safe, home-like environment to help our residents maintain a meaningful lifestyle. We closely connect with each person so we can use this knowledge to aid in their care. We have a structured and calm environment that provides personalized attention from our specially trained staff. This service is not offered to community residents.

Short-term Rehab

Short-term Rehab is a critical part of recovering and developing independence after a stay in an acute hospital. We serve those in need of rehabilitation so they can get back to living independently as soon as possible. This service is also available to community residents who meet Clinic Admission Criteria.

Standard Of Care

Our goal at The Tamalpais Marin is to provide the highest standard of care so every patient and resident maintains a safe and quality lifestyle and can live life to the fullest. We also have two other Care Communities with these Health Services – The Sequoias Portola Valley and The Sequoias San Francisco.

Care Plans

Your needs will be assessed against the list of Clinical Admission Criteria. Call for more information about Clinical Admission Critieria and Medical Coverage Plans. We also accept Medicare.

Patient Admissions/Patient Referrals


We offer health services to community residents, including skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitative services and also assisted living to our residents at all three Life Care Communities: The Tamalpais Marin, The Sequoias San Francisco and The Sequoias Portola Valley.

We are happy to work with you and your family to ensure a timely hospital discharge. We accept Medicare and 14 different Health Care Plans. We are not participants in the MediCal program. We also accept private pay.

For patient admission to our health services, contact Jane Dobson MPH, Director of Health Services, Marketing today to start the admission process and learn about our 14 different health care plans, or fill out the form below.


Caroline Picar
Admissions Administrator

(415) 202-7808 (office)
(415) 351-7963 (fax)

The Sequoias San Francisco
The Sequoias Portola Valley


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